Biology dictates reality – Covid

Really sadden to see how this covid pandemic affecting peoples lives and surrounded  lives , in my close family relations my uncle and my aunty, both of them aged 60+ died few weeks ago due to covid , both of the were retired teachers and both of them got admitted to same hospital ,most hurting part was that my aunty died and got cremated, due to my uncle condition we are not able to inform that his wife no more , three days later my uncle also died without even knowing his wife also died , on those 3 days he keep asking about my aunt condition and did she also getting the same treatment etc , its so much pain …. no words to write.

This pandemic affects on all levels i.e. family , kids, financial you name it , people lost their jobs , not able to feed their family , no vaccine available etc , this pandemic puts growing countries economy and their peoples lives back to 3 decades back which is really hurting and makes me unhappy.

Things which are in our hand and what we can do to prevent ourselves

  • Wear mask and sanitize every time you come back home , keep distance , get vaccinated
  • Buy only the things you need and allow for others to buy as well i.e. don’t create scarcity
  • Give things back to community which ever way possible
  • If you are not able to help, don’t criticise who does
  • Everyone going through this hard time so understand the same , don’t argue with street vendors for bargain
  • Spread awareness about covid and break the myths
  • Help your neighbours and get to know them after all this is the right time to build solid community

Stay safe and be well , god bless us

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