Insulin resistance causes type 2 diabetes–part 2

This is the follow up post of my previous post about insulin resistance ,  much inner detailed view of insulin resistance that insulin itself causes insulin resistance i.e. the levels of insulin resistance goes up and up. This is a protective mechanism and a very good thing, which is why the body does it.


If the body did not develop resistance to insulin, the high levels of insulin would rapidly lead to very, very low blood sugars.  This severe hypoglycemia would quickly lead to seizures and death.  Since we don’t want to die, the body protects itself by developing insulin resistance.  This is a good thing but the bottom line is – high levels of insulin cause insulin resistance ,Taking away the high insulin levels reverses the insulin resistance

What is driving up insulin?

insulin levels are way up the body gains weigh, reducing calorie intake doesn’t matter since the body only further reduce caloric expenditure to match and make the body gain weight. The carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis assumes that carbohydrate intake drives insulin but insulin itself will drive insulin resistance which will increase insulin in a self reinforcing cycle which will be like fat get fatter



central part of treating diabetes should be more on how do we reverse that patient from insulin resistance. lets see insulin reaction to macronutrients as follows


as you can see clearly when we take carbohydrate insulin spikes which is not we want all we want was to reduce the resistance and utilize the insulin.  Based on the above both insulin and carbohydrate are toxic to the body but dietician will prescribe 1500 calorie diet to Type 2 diabetic patient what a strange.

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