More salt or fat is Ok

As I started writing blog post about the research on fat & salt , the food industry and regulatory houses keep advising people with out evidence that if you have more salt or more fat in your diet you will get hypertension (aka blood pressure) and Heart disease but they don’t have clinical evidence to prove the same but there were no of clinical studies which contradict the same.


Recently  A new study published in the American Journal of Hypertension analyzed data from 8,670 French adults and found that salt consumption wasn’t associated with systolic blood pressure in either men or women after controlling for factors like age.

the authors write, is that the link we all assume between salt and blood pressure is “overstated” and “more complex than once believed.” It should be noted, however, that even though the study found no statistically significant association between blood pressure and sodium in the diet, those patients who were hypertensive consumed significantly more salt than those without hypertension—suggesting, as other research has, that salt affects people differently.

As for the factors that did seem to influence blood pressure, alcohol consumption, age, and most of all BMI were strongly linked to a rise. Eating more fruits and vegetables was significantly linked to a drop.

yet another big study indicates that the fear of salt is highly exaggerated, When they examined the salt habits of over 100,000 people, it turned out that people who salted more than the recommended amount had the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease. Those who salted a lot less – according to official guidelines – had a higher (!) risk of disease.



I have written more about fat is good for our health in my previous posts so here I am going to leave two links from time’s magazine.

The paradigm shift continues and the outdated fear of fat is on its way out faster and faster.

Its perfectly Ok to have fatty and salt foods in raw nature not from processed food though.

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