Insulin resistance causes type 2 diabetes

As per my previous post here I am writing follow up post on how people will become diabetes.

Insulin resistance was the most important factor people will become diabetes, lets dig deeper how and why treatment of diabetes might be wrong. lets run through simple case for example if get hurt in leg and you will get swelling around that area and you also get little fever so to treat this case what will be treatment option i.e. you will take pills for hurt or reduce swelling or fever the correct treatment will be to understand the root cause and treatment. so have to take treatment for hurt not for fever !!!

bottom line was that treatment for real cause not for symptom

since the body auto immune system fight against all hurts we get into via various means.

how this will resonate into treatment of diabetes ?

real culprit for diabetes was Insulin resistance nothing else, so lets find out more on this.

Insulin is peptide hormone produced by beta cells in pancreas, its regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats by promoting the absorption of glucose from the blood to muscles and fat tissues, this also causing fat to be stored rather than used for energy.

Insulin resistant [IR] is a condition in which cells fail to respond to the normal actions of the hormone insulin


    • exposure to excess nutrients causes cells to produce excess reactive oxygen species which in turn shutdown insulin signaling
    • Mitochondria were overloaded with energy i.e. excess nutrients , particularly free fatty acids causes IR
    • suppressing free fatty acids levels restores insulin sensitivity in obese & T2DM
    • if cell takes up more energy than it burns energy accumulates typically in the form of fatty acid metabolites in cytoplasm this causes IR


The bottom line is this – high levels of insulin cause insulin resistance.


how do we get excess nutrients to tissues ?

Consuming energy in excess of what the body can constructively use

Fat tissue main work was to accumulate circulating energy excess to keep away from damaging other tissues , once it started accumulating  over the period of time it begins to do its job less efficiently

Increase in energy in cause IR in parallel with fat gain so to speak the weight gain  that’s the very reason for type 2 diabetic patients hard for them to loose weight .

so from the above to treat the diabetic patient should target how to reduce  insulin only not to reduce the blood sugar , people who practice long term calorie restriction for life extension have very low fasting insulin & glucose  suggesting high insulin sensitivity

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