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Recession around the corner ?

When I read about recent layoffs and lack of funding for startups I feel that we are slowly getting into slow down or into recession , let me tell you why , according to the data speaks pre covid vs up to date data.

Every stock and fund is going down, thousands of people have lost their  fortunes into various things which they don’t have control over it , everything that used to be a profitable method to invest is now collapsing.

After looking around for the indicators found a great article to sense whether we are in recession or not

If you have been victim of a recent Layoff, I offer you my most sincere condolences.

PS: Don’t let yourself be eaten by anxiety.


Are currently employed, think twice before moving out and where to go.
Have just been fired, look for opportunities in non traditional way as well.
Are thinking about joining any tech career, wait for the dust to settle.
Are thinking about doing startup, Best wishes from me 🙂

Time teaching important lessons

Hello folks ,

Last few months its been very hard for me on personal and professional level which is why there was no blog post from me.

On personal level I have lost my father for colon cancer even we have tried our best to treat him unfortunately his condition got spread on other parts of the body and passed away 🙁

Catching up on recent events on healthcare and covid , looks like still covid at large and Tamilnadu CM also got covid positive as I write.

Take care guys , I will try to write posts now often 🙂