Sweet truth numbers were wrong

On sep 19th there was an article written in Times of india news paper about “Diet, Exercise reduce diabetes heart disease by 75% study” as shown below image


did you guys find any mistakes ?  its not easy to find out though , OK  let me tell you what is there was box with title SWEET TRUTH in that the numbers provided for diabetes and pre-diabetes were wrong i.e. its flipped, the actual number will be as follows

62.4 million people has diabetes

77.2 million people have pre-diabetes

Ref: ICMR-INDIAB study 2011.

I have contacted the author to correct that mistake at least in online version of it  on that day itself via email but still now I haven’t got any reply from her. why I am bring this here means this case was a typical example of media’s ignorance and dump wrong / unverified information to public , media should be more responsible than ever before.

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